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Gamma Cygni Nebulosity

The nebulosity is cataloged as IC 1318. Gamma Cygni (Sadr) is just outside the frame to the left (you can see a little bit of blueish reflection from it.) At the bottom left of the image is part of the open cluster NGC 6910. The dark lane running through IC 1318 is LDN 889.

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Optics: Stellarvue 115 f/7, Stellarvue 0.8x Flattener/Reducer
Camera: QSI 683wsg @ -25C
Filters: Astrodon Tru-Balance Gen 2 E Series LRGB
Mount: Losmandy G11-G2 with Ovision Worm
Guiding: OAG with Starlight Xpress Lodestar Auto Guider / PHD2 Guiding
Location: Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania
5.85 hours exposure over 2 nights, 26-27 Jun 2014
L:R:G:B 2h26m:1h25m:1h4m:56m, 45 8m subs binned 1:2:2:2
Captured with Sequence Generator Pro
Processed with PixInsight