PHD2 Log Viewer
PHD2 Log Viewer is a tool for quickly visualizing your guiding performance and spotting problems in your PHD2 Guide Log.


PHD2 Log Viewer 0.6.4 for Windows
PHD2 Log Viewer 0.6.4 64-bit for macOS Catalina or newer
PHD2 Log Viewer 0.6.4 32-bit for macOS Mojave or earlier
Ubuntu Packages are available in Patrick Chevalley's PHD2 PPA on Launchpad
For other distros you can build from source

Change Log

Open the Quick Help item on the Help menu to get brief description of how to navigate the log with the mouse.

Guide log plot

Calibration plot

Settling frames after dither are automatically excluded from statistics calculation

You can also manually select ranges of frames with the mouse to exclude from the statistics

Identify RA drive harmonics by looking at the RA frequency analysis

Andy Galasso
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