MallinCam Control

MallinCam Control is a control program for the MallinCam Xtreme Video CCD camera.

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Download the windows installer. The latest version is 0.7, released May 17, 2012.
View the Change Log.
The software is free. View the software license.


  • Designed to run natively on Linux, Windows, and Mac. The Windows version can be downloaded here. The Linux version is available on request. I do not have a Mac, so I'm looking for a volunteer to help build it on a Mac.
  • Supports higher numbered serial ports (COM1 ... COM20)
  • The software makes every effort to keep in sync with camera. There is no manual read from / write to camera function, as this should never be necessary.
  • Quick and easy integration adjustment
  • Adheres to Rock's recommendations for keeping the camera safe: safety timers, parking the camera, not permitting incompatible or harmful combinations of settings
  • Produces a log file for diagnosing problems
Things that are missing that I plan to add

I haven't yet implemented BLC (backlight compensation) controls.

Things I have no plans to add

Video preview. I currently have no plans for adding this. I like to use an external program for this. On Windows I use SharpCap.

Instructions for running the program

When the program starts, it will immediately attempt to connect to to your camera on the selected COM port. Most of the controls will be grayed-out and disabled until the program has completed handshaking with the camera.

Select the COM port at the lower right and
MallinCam Control will connect to the camera on that port. The COM port selection will remembered across sessions.

Once the camera is connected and synchronized with the software, the controls are enabled. Hover the mouse over the buttons going across the top of the window to see what they do.

To adjust integration, either select a value from the drop-down list, or type a value in the text box and hit Enter. If you type a value it will be saved in the drop-down list so you won't have to type it again next time. The contents of the drop-down list are remembered across sessions.

You can adjust the integration time when integration is active--no need to stop it to adjust it.


Please send feature requests, bug reports, or any other feedback to Andy Galasso.